Technology Solutions


Delta Group Technology Solutions is your team of specialists who work with you to accomplish the goal of creating the most efficient and profitable farming operation through the use of technology.

We will customize a technology plan for your farm that is unique to your specific needs. And we’ve partnered with ag technology leaders like Case IH, Trimble, Ag Leader and others to deliver the right technology solution for you no matter what brand of equipment you own.



GPS & Guidance | Farm Management Software | Equipment Setup | Water Management Solutions | Farm Drainage Solutions

Yield Monitoring & Mapping | Application Control | Seeding, Spraying , & Fertilizer Technologies | RTK Network & System

Telecommunications | Data Management | And More!

Partners In Precision Farming:


In addition to increasing productivity and profitability, Precision Farming also benefits the environment by helping growers comply with government guidelines. Precision Farming allows for the precise placement of fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides where they are needed – in the row or on the crop in the right amounts without overlap – in compliance with clean water and pesticide label regulations.

Precision Farming


  • Precision Farming technologies are easy to use
  • Delta Group will work with you to make sure everything works just as you expect it to


  • We own and operate our own RTK network that utilizes GPS and GLONASS satellites and broadcast correction signals in multiple frequencies
  • Seven different accuracies are available to meet each producer’s needs from broad-acre applications to sub-inch accuracy
  • Operate anywhere within the network without losing accuracy


  • Save money on fuel with less passes through the field
  • Save money with less input costs (seed, chemicals, fertilizers)
  • Save money by eliminating foam markers