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Delta Group Technology Solutions' Expertise and Education Sets Them Apart

Pictured from left to right:
Hunter Douglas, David Cousino, Jon Ray, Bart Freeland, Jared Pepper,
Steven Cooper, Eddie Galey, Thomas Haney, Eric Myers, John Montfort JonesPictured from left to right: Hunter Douglas, David Cousino, Jon Ray, Bart Freeland, Jared Pepper, Steven Cooper, Eddie Galey, Thomas Haney, Eric Myers, John Montfort Jones

December 4, 2014

Greenville, MS - As technology is becoming more progressive in our day-to-day lives, the same is true of the farming industry. Delta Group, a complex of six stores located throughout the Delta region, has made a firm commitment to help farmers be more productive and profitable through technology utilization. The formation of The Delta Group Technology Solutions division, a team of specialists within the organization, is proof of the corporation's dedication to not only selling the technology, but providing the service needed to help the end-user capitalize on all of the benefits available through their investment. Joe Nash, CEO of The Delta Group, states, "Our goal is to bring the expertise and service to the farmer, directly, to best benefit their operation. They deserve the highest level of service we can provide for them through our newly formed Delta Group Technology Solutions division."

The team at Delta Group Technology Solutions is composed of experts in their chosen areas of focus with one single goal: To help the farmer use technology to maximize profitability by using their time and equipment to optimize their farming operations. "By utilizing data specific to individual fields, we can assist the farmer with land preparation, nutrient and pest management, irrigation, and water management in addition to the basics involved with planting and harvesting the crops," states Bart Freeland, who leads the Delta Group Technology Solutions division. "We can provide the farmer with a single point for gathering and evaluating the data through our data management software. Our goal is to help our farmers produce more the next year using their data as a starting point."

Delta Group Technology Solutions is committed to respecting the farmer and their ownership of their own data. The Open Ag Data Alliance (OADA), of which Case IH is a member, is striving to protect each farmer and his data by making aware to producers the fact that their data is valuable and should be held private unless they deem otherwise. There are some companies using and marketing farm data without the producer's knowledge and others are even profiting from the use of this data. "Data collected by farmers on the farm is very valuable to the producer. This data: yield maps, seeding rates, purchasing history, etc. should be an asset to the producer and treated as such by all of his suppliers. We do not want, nor do we want utilized, the farmer's data unless he gives access to it on his terms. This is vital to our farmers as it allows them to use and share their data as needed while protecting it and preserving it for future use," says Freeland.

The newest member of the Delta Group Technology Solutions team is Jared Pepper in Yazoo City whose expertise in precision agriculture has made him a strong addition to the group. "Yield maps are the foundation of precision agriculture. It's where we start our process and how we know what each field is doing production-wise. After we know that, we can help our farmers determine why and how to make each field more productive. We are here to help our farmers learn how to best use their data."

The Delta Group Technology Solutions division includes: Bart Freeland, David Cousino, Jon Ray, Leland; Thomas Haney, Eric Myers, Cleveland; Eddie Galey, Greenwood; Hunter Douglas, Jared Pepper, Yazoo City and Rolling Fork; and John Montfort Jones, Greenville.

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